Montessori Schools Administration Leadership Program


The first three years of human life serves as a critical foundation in human development as an adult. The objectives of a customized training for Montessori School Leaders is to address:

  1. Montessori Philosophy and practice
  2. Child development and Montessori pedagogy
  3. Program Leadership for taking up key role
  4. Environment Design and
  5. Family and community

Expected Outcomes

After completing the course, the participants should be able to:

  • Develop mission and vision on one’s own leadership role and continuous professional development.
  • Understand the roles and functions as a leader of Montessori schools in the 21st Century, and the essential principals of management and supervision from the perspectives of the functional roles of planning, organizing, supervising, monitoring and
  • Practice appropriate strategies to promote school’s continuous development, accountability, and self-evaluation.
  • Take the lead in cultivating a positive learning environment within the school by providing appropriate student support to cater children’s

Target Participants

Montessori School principals and administrators.

Course Design and Organization

The course will last for not less than 30 contact hours, which are to be spread over 5-6 days. To help integrate the course with principals’ routine, the course should include an approximately assignment relating to a topic on schoolwork such as writing a teacher development plan, proposal or a school self-evaluation. The program will also include visit to local Montessori schools and other institutions.

Our trainers

Our trainers will be faculties and teachers from George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, and Fairfax County Public Schools.

Number of Participants

15-25 and final number is yet to be decided.

Program Dates

September 8-18, 2019