Executive Education on Construction Management-September 29-October 6, 2018

Construction Executive Program is a Eight-day program designed to develop individual business acumen and enhance financial understanding and control of a construction business for long-term success. IDI has developed the Executive Program to develop knowledge maintain profitability, long-term business success, enterprise risk evaluation and mitigation, bidding, safety and new technology for effective project management. The participants will also attend the 100th annual convention of Associated General Contractors of America in Washington, DC from Sep 29-Oct 1, 2018.

Intended Audience

Construction Executive Program is designed for those who wish to develop individual business acumen that will drive financial results for the business unit and company such as, Contractors, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Field Supervisors, and Operations managers/operations officers. This program also welcomes other operations-minded project staff, high potentials and emerging leaders.

Course Objectives 

The program provides an overview of Construction Management in the United States. The regulatory, legal, financial, and procedural issues involved in the Construction Management, particularly in the context construction projects supported by government, (federal, provincial and local) and for public, private, residential and commercial purposes. It provides participants with an overview of constructions activities funded by federal (roads, dams), state (roads, bridges,) and local (schools/hospitals) governments. Interactions with real-estate developers (hotels, shopping complexes) will be organized. Issues related government mandates, approval, compliance, oversight will be discussed. Occupational safety standards, environmental considerations will be discussed.

Benefits of Attending

  • Government & Regulatory Environment in the USA
  • Construction Codes for Commercial & Residential
  • Safety/Environmental Concerns
  • Negotiating Construction Contracts
  • Emerging Trends/Technologies in Construction
  • Improve ability to evaluate and stimulate outstanding performancein both projects and people, leading to more effective control and higher margins.
  • Learn ways to minimize financial, reputation and compliance risk
  • Network with American counterparts
  • Attend The CMAA National Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas

For additional information, contact info@idiworldwide.net