Legislative Leadership Program

Legislative Leadership Program at McLean, VA

Legislators Leadership Program is a classroom based training program that begins at 8:45 a.m. and wraps up at 4:30 p.m.

The program brings participating legislators from Nigeria with academicians, career bureaucrats, policy experts and proven leaders in facilitated discussions. The legislators are highly occupied demanding positions and the nature of position demands them to be capable managers, effective mediators and policy makers.

What can you expect? 

The program will deliver

  • Interactive group sessions with our faculties.
  • Time to tap policy expertise and resources from the state’s most knowledgeable analysts and practitioners.
  • New understandings of the state’s budget, the state’s role nationally and internationally, emerging technologies and innovations powering new levels of performance and efficiency.
  • Opportunities to network.

Program Outline

9:00-9:45 Am           Session 1: Introduction

9:45-10:00                Coffee Break

10:00-12:00             Session 2: Essence of Leadership: Theories to Practice

Noon                          Lunch

1:00-2:30                  Session 3: A day of American Legislator: Leading constituency and Use of Technology

3:00-4:30                  Session 4: Global Leadership